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Welcome to the Royal Thai Consulate - CARDIFF Web Site. This site gives information to potential visitors to Thailand.




- Following Thai Government advice, Our Consulate remains closed until further notice, The Royal Thai Embassy, London, is open, and can assist with any queries, and visa applications for those that qualify for entry into Thailand. Unfortunately we cannot confirm a date we will be able to re-open, however, please note, it is unlikely to be in the near future (dated 29th July 2020). Until we receive notice that we are able to open, we are unable to assist with calls, visa applications, or future appointment bookings. For the latest updates on travel you can either e-mail us - Enquiries@thaiconsulatewales.org.uk , You will receive an automatic reply, with the most up to date information we have. or you can visit the Royal Thai Embassy, London Website, (Link to the Embassy website can be found be following our 'LINKS' tab below) or UK Government Travel Advice Website.

International Flights for tourists and visitors from the UK to Thailand are suspended further notice, this has been extended again from 30th June 2020. At present we do not have a date this will be lifted

Non-Thai Nationals returning/going to work, spouse/child of a Thai National, and those requiring medical treatment, can apply to enter Thailand, but must submit their enquiries to The Royal Thai Embassy, London, please contact the Embassy on 0207 5892 944, or E-Mail:

visa@thaiembassyuk.org.uk (work,medical treatment)

csinfo@thaiembassyuk.org.uk (spouse/child of Thai National)

Thai Nationals returning to Thailand, when international or repatriation flights resume, will need the fit to fly certificate, This needs to be obtained from the Royal Thai Embassy, Lonodn, for further information please E-Mail; wi.sinthusen@mfa.mail.go.th

UK Nationals stuck in Thaialnd due to the reduction in outward flights should contact the local immigration office in their area immediately. Many airlines have cancelled flights, but at present Qatar Airways will continue to operate, You can access Qatar Airways by clicking on our 'LINKS' tab below and selecting 'Qatar Airways'

For further assistance any UK nationals in Thailand can speak with the British Embassy in Bangkok.


**Updated Requirements for travellers from the ongoing local transmission areas** France, Spain, the United States of America, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Great Britain, Japan (specific cities), and Germany are defined as countries with ongoing local transmission as of 13 March, 2020, 19.00 Hrs. Per the Royal Thai Government’s announcement (17 March, 2020), before check-in at the airport of origin, travellers must show the documents to the airlines, including:
– Health certification describing “No evidence of COVID-19 infection in the previous 48 hours and no signs of sickness in the 14 days prior to the departure date".
– Health insurance (in an amount of US$ 100,000 that should cover all expenditures of medical treatment while travelling abroad. Travellers need to purchase health insurance before travelling).

PREVIOUS UPDATE: Due to the increase in Covid-19 Cases in the UK, The Thai Government has added UK nationals and people travelling from the UK to their 'Ongoing Local Transmissions list' This means anyone travelling from the UK must self monitor.. You will need to fill in the T8 form on arrival, be screened for infection, provide confirmation of hotel or accommodation, and you will then be told to implement 'Control For Observation (this means supervision without quarantine), You will be required to remain at your hotel, or property for a minimum of 14 days, you will need permission from a Disease Control Officer to leave your hotel or property. Some airlines are also asking for a Health Certificate confirming you are free from Coronavirus before you are allowed to board, please contact your airline for clarification on this. This information is for guidance only and with an ever changing situation cannot be guaranteed indefinately. Please ensure you comply with rules, regulations and recommendations set by other parties involved in your travel arrangements. For complete information and the latest updates please go to the ROYAL THAI EMBASSY Website, This can be found by following our 'LINKS' tab below.

From 13th March 2020 until further Notice, Thailand has decided that it will no longer offer Visa On Arrival for citizens of 18 countries. The 18 countries are Bulgaria, Bhutan, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Fiji, Georgia, India, Kazakhstan, Malta, Mexico, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu and China (including Taiwan). Citizens of these 18 countries will need to apply for a visa at their local embassy or consulate before travelling to Thailand.

Visa exemption for tourists (for up to 30 days) will be temporarily suspended for passport holders from Italy, Hong Kong, and the Republic of Korea. These nationals are now required to apply for visa at the Royal Thai Embassy before your departure to Thailand, with a proof of health certificates that visa applicants are free from Coronavirus. They are also advised to buy travel insurance.



(Waiting times vary throughout the year, so please contact us as soon as possible to book an appointment)

OPENING TIMES: MONDAY TO FRIDAY 09.30AM to 12.30PM (Closed until Further Notice)

Consulates are still issuing visa's the same way as we always have, any change will be posted on this site.


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